Interview with a Bride: Rachael and Adam

What has it been like being a military wife? Will you and adam have to move around like a lot of the other military couples I see?

Being a military wife has been a lot of fun! I have gotten to meet so many great people and I've gotten to watch my husband make these great bonds! But it also has its rough times where I don't get to see him like I would like to. Unfortunately being married to someone in the Army means that at times he has to chose duty over me. Adam is a Military Police officer for the Army Reserves so we won't have to move around like an active duty soldier would. We have been lucky to be able to stay home.

How did the proposal go? Who asked who? Explain the moment you new this was the man you wanted to be with forever. 

We had a little bit of a different proposal. We knew we were going to get married before he went to basic training but we didn't set a date. One night I was in class and got an unexpected call from him. His drill sergeant permitted them an extra phone call. When I picked up he said "March 28". And I instantly knew that he was talking about a wedding date. We were so excited. Then when it was time for his holiday leave from basic, he came home a few days earlier than what he told me and surprised me! I was at an apartment complex looking for a place for us to go when we were married and as I was talking to the lady he snuck up behind me with flowers and got down on one knee. My mother-in-law and mom were there and captured a video of the whole thing. I was so surprised. It was instant tears. Adam and I were high school sweethearts. I don't feel like there was a definite moment where I knew he was the one I feel like I knew all along. We had our rough patches but the whole time we dated i knew there wasn't another person for me. He was it.

WHen you look back on your wedding day, what were the best moments?

Looking back at the wedding, one of the best moments for me was sitting in the bridal room right before the ceremony as all the bridesmaids were standing in the lobby lined up. My stepdad was in the room with me waiting to walk down the isle. There was a knob on the wall and he being who he is turned it in curiosity. It was a knob to the sounds playing in the worship center. I was hearing the music as my bridal party walked in. I was in tears instantly and walked in the worship center crying. I was overwhelmed with love and happiness.

So you guys had a pretty flawless wedding day. Your details were incredible, from the dress to the venue choices. How much did you spend for your wedding and did you fall into budget or go over? Should a couple expect to go over their budget?

To be honest, we didn't have a set budget. When we got married we were 18 & 20 years old, so we relied on our parents for the majority of the costs. We just tried to get things as cost friendly as possible. We ended up doing a lot of details ourselves like the favor boxes, jars for the candles and flowers, and even the save-the-dates. I think that there is always going to be some cost that comes up that you don't expect that will throw the budget off but there's also things you plan on that you decide against. It's all about prioritizing what you want in your wedding. 

What were your splurge areas? Are you happy with what you spent? 

One thing we splurged on was the veil. When I went in to try on dresses I never thought I would want a longer veil but when the bridal consultant put it on with my dress I had that bridal moment. At times I didn't even know if I loved the dress or the veil more. They both were so beautiful. Another splurge was the photo booth. It wasn't a necessary thing but it was a really fun addition to the reception. We are so happy with what we spent!!

What are some areas that you could’ve saved in?

I don't think theres really anything I would have changed cost wise. We did very well for what we spent.

You have such a close family! How do you feel their support helped with The planning and flow of the wedding day?

My family and I are so close! I wouldn't have been able to do this without them! They were so amazingly supportive through the whole thing. In the beginning some had some concerns because Adam and I were so young getting married but once they saw the love we had and how serious we were about it they put their concerns aside and really dove in to help. My mom and stepdad along with my in-laws really made the whole thing happen as far as paying for things. My sisters were amazing! All of them were such great help. My younger sister, Emily, was my maid of honor and she was always there to help me with decisions. My older sisters Sam and Sarah are very artistic so when it came to doing some handmade things they were my go to girls! They also threw my bridal shower and handmade all the decorations! My step sister Andrea was really helpful to me on the wedding day. When something was going on, she was going to figure it out for me. They were all so amazing and I am beyond blessed to have such a supportive and loving family.

How different is married life from just being boyfriend and girlfriend? 

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Married life is so much fun. It's great to always have someone to hang out with. We have enjoyed making dinner together, hosting dinner for our family, and being independent. We always thought we knew each other completely but since moving in together and being married we've learned a lot more about each other. You never truly know someone until you've had to fight for the blankets or the temperature on the thermostat!

What are the biggest challenges you guys have faced together this past year? 

One of the biggest things we have had to deal with is time. As a newly wed couple, we want to spend all the time we can with each other but we have conflicting work schedules. Sometimes it's like we're passing ships in the night; we catch each other as we go to bed and kiss each other goodby in the morning. I personally go to school full time and I also work full time so we are constantly trying to find time through the week that Adam isn't working or I'm not trying to get something done to spend time together. Adam only has one weekend a month off and an occasional Tuesday, so when it comes to quality time together, it's less than we'd like.

What is the most important tip you can give for couples searching for their perfect wedding venue?

The most important tip I can give is find something that is going to match your personality or theme, find something that isn't outrageously priced, and most importantly find something that you can see yourself as a new couple enjoying the night away. In the end, you shouldn't sweat the details. Even if things don't end up perfectly, you're still going to go home with the best thing of all: your new hubby or wife. 

What does the future look like for you two?

Our future is looking bright! We both are going to continue our education to get further in our career paths. We hope to get a house int he next year or two and perhaps have a little human around in the mix. We will just have to wait and see what is thrown on our path in life.

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