Retro Engagement Session at Wildey Theatre: Ross and Sydnie

I got to shoot this retro inspired engagement session at Wildey Theatre for Ross and Sydnie who plan to wed November 12th, 2016. Their wedding will also be at this fun and vintage theatre! To keep in theme with my interview with a bride blog, I decided to also interview Sydnie to share about her journey in planning her wedding so far. 

How and when did you two meet? When was the moment that you new this is who you wanted for the rest of your life?

We first met at his mothers house. I was good friends with his little sister and they had a bonfire. He asked me to be his date to a wedding and we just clicked. The moment I realized I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him was when we moved in with each other it just felt like home with him there.

Who proposed to who? How did it go? 

The discussion of marriage was actually brought up by me jokingly. I texted him that he should marry me so I could get grants for school instead of loans, but then we started actually discussing and eventually started planning. It felt pretty surreal since everyone always jokes and talks about marriage while in a relationship but I didn't think it would actually start the conversation for our future.

What was the first start of your wedding planning and why?

My first start of wedding planning was photography. I wanted to be able to have photos to last my lifetime and display of the most important day of our lives. Photography was my first decision for a number of reasons. I knew I wanted you because your pictures are just breathtaking! Also my MOH is a photographer so being around her and seeing her work just lets me know what I do want to see in my pictures and what I don't. The final reason is my mothers own wedding pictures, they weren't the best and she just doesn't like them, says she regrets not spending more money in that area, and she doesn't display them anywhere they are in a tiny photo album tucked away. I want to be able to display my pictures all through my home and be proud and able to show off my wedding day

What has been the hardest decisions to make?

The hardest decision for me is every decision really! You want everything to be perfect and for the right price so I spend a ton of time on each decision. I compare prices, search garage sale sites, and find the best deals I can on the little things. For the big things, like photography, my venue, and catering, I researched them, read reviews, and compared value and pricing. 

Who is helping you with planning? 

My mother is helping with the planning mainly. She makes all the calls and just wants it to be perfect. My bridesmaids also help me with planning especially my Maid of Honor Mercedes, I couldn't have picked a better one! She has helped a lot with making phone calls as well. Between her and my mother I have a hardly had to make a call. She has investigated a few caterers for me and completely taken charge of flower arrangements, with little input from me of course. She and another bridesmaid had put their heads together and are planning a weekend in Gatlinberg for my bachelorette and she is already planning the bridal shower. She's the planner in our group of friends so I really lucked out with having her as my best friend!

What kind of advice can you give to couples just starting their planning process?

Advice to couples just starting planning is to just relax and take it a step at a time. It's very easy to get overwhelmed with all of the decisions but if you just focus on one thing at a time before you know it it will all fall into place.

What are you MOST looking forward to on the big day? 

I'm most looking forward to just having all my friends and family gathered and to just finally be able to call my fiancé my husband!

Whats the plan after the wedding?

Our plans for the future definitely include kids but we are in no hurry! We plan to travel as much as we can then settle down somewhere in a small town with some land and then start the family.

Venue: Wildey Theatre 

Hair: Stacie Higgins