Engagement Session at Pride Fest (Love Wins)

Lenzi and Rachael have been friends since childhood so it wasn't surprising that they fell in love and asked me to be apart of their engagement session. We chose to do the photos in downtown St. Louis during pride fest because we wanted colorful photos that represented them as a couple. We also the old City Hall building for some shots. 

A little about Rachael and Lenzi: I would just like to say what a strong couple they are. Not just for their love for each other or the fact that they face discrimination on almost a daily basis, but because they also are raising adorable twins with special needs on top of all of it. Rachael says after their wedding, they might decide to have another one to add to their family. 

Lenzi had so many beautiful things to say about Rachael. Rachael will be the kids step mom (acting as it now but official after the wedding) so I could understand what Lenzi was coming from when she said that her partner was a lifeline for her in parenting. Its hard running a business plus taking care of children, (Lenzi is a fabulous wedding cake designer) so having a partner you can depend on like she can with Rachael is gold. She said on a busy day, she will be designing and baking from morning until the kids have gone to bed but she can depend on Rachael to be there to make sure their kids are getting plenty of attention, love, and needs met. 

I will leave you with some of my favorite collages from our shoot that day! I am looking forward to all of the amazing pictures we will get at the wedding next year.