Vineyard wedding, Hannah and Shankar

Hannah and I met online because she was searching for an photographer in St. Louis but living out of state in D.C. Shankar and Hannah were planning not one, but two weddings when they first booked with me. They were planning an Indian wedding with his family overseas, and she was planning one with her St. Louis family. Can you imagine, planning two weddings! One in a whole other state than she lived in and one in a different country! All the while, she was very pregnant with their first child. 

Hannah and Shankar met while in college and had been together for a good long while before they decided to become married. You can tell in the photos their love for each other. Shankar was a great husband, helping his sweet 8 month pregnant wife a long throughout the horrible St. Louis humidity on their wedding day (with a heat advisory going on too!). Hannah's long time friends flew in from out of state to be a part of her wedding, along with relatives and friends.

Planning a wedding out of state is bound to have a few hiccups, but you couldn't tell at this wedding. From the venue (Hidden Hills Bed and Breakfast in Festus, Mo) to the gorgeous cake, flowers, and decor. This was the setup for a very elegant outdoor wedding. The venue is surrounded by vineyards, trees, and rolling hills and they had a beautiful gazebo set up for the ceremony plus a space for the reception. 

Hannah and Shankar announced at their wedding that they planned to move back home to his country for a few years. I bet she is beyond excited! Hannah and Shankar, I hope you guys have a safe rest of your pregnancy (not to much longer!!) and have a beautiful and exciting life together. Thank you for trusting your wedding photography with me. <3

Please check out more of the photos on the slide show I have created and what is featured here on the blog.