Fourth Of July St. Louis Wedding, Max and Sam

Max and Samantha's wedding was a romantic and artistic wedding, I am so happy I was apart of it! They combined their love for music, art, and motorcycles to make up the perfect day. You can imagine my excitement when they told me they wanted to do their formals at Shady Jacks Biker Bar! I had never been to Shady Jacks before, but from what they told me it sounded like a legit place to do a unique look with wedding photos. Shady Jacks is a biker saloon complete with hanging art, brick, graffiti, and of course motorcycles. 

Another unique element to their wedding was the ceremony, which took place in their sky rise apartment building in downtown st. Louis. Since the couple lived there, they were able to rent the entire top floor for their special day. Perfect for a bride like Samantha who had to plan her wedding in less than 30 days! After the ceremony we did family formals in front of the St. Louis Public Library which is a very popular spot for brides and grooms because of their beautiful stairs and arch ways. Samantha told me that she spent the days leading up to her wedding watching other weddings have their photos taken there. She had St. Louis Fun Trolley Tours pick up her guests and them after the ceremony for a tour of downtown and then ending at their reception at Shady Jacks Biker Bar.  

One last interesting fact about this wedding, not only was it a fourth of July wedding, but Max's mother and father were wed on the fourth of July years ago. Another special element to their story, Max's sister was their officiant. Max was his sister's officiant for her wedding so they thought it would be great to have her be their's. I love it when couples make their day even more special by adding those family customs. 

Samantha and Max did an amazing job planning their fourth of July wedding and it amazes me at what all she accomplished in getting this done so quick. Samantha, I really should have you write a blog for me on how to plan a wedding quick that is artistic and full of love like yours. I know I would be interested in reading how you were able to pull this off the way you did! I honestly can't thank you guys enough for including me into your day. I love all the photos we took and it was so hard to keep the number down for the blog post here. If I could fill my site with your photos I certainly would! You have made a friend for life with me and I am wishing you and Max a beautiful life. 

This is when they saw each other for the first time :)