The Garden Chapel Wedding (The Baugh's)

The Garden Chapel is an amazing venue for couples looking to do an inside ceremony with a garden feel to it. The back drop of the alter is building tall windows that let beautiful natural light in and also shows you the lovely greenery that makes this venue unique. It also has a wonderful staff from officiant to the wedding coordinator to make your day run flawless! 


My favorite part of this venue is their backyard garden. It is full of timeless treasures, from stone benches and water fountain to a breath taking wooden gazebo perfect for family or wedding party formals. Stacy and Anthony hit the nail on the head when choosing this venue! 


Stacey and Anthony's day went pretty fantastic. They gave me a lot of time to get pre-ceremony shots and wedding party formals in. However, it did not run with out minor hiccups. While shooting their family formals, my flash unit was nudged off the bench on accident causing it to smash to the floor and break. Thankfully I shoot 90% of my weddings with a second shooter and I was able to wing the formals without an external flash (because of the amazing natural lighting) and sent my second shooter to buy me a replacement flash. The replacement flash was actually a blessing. It works much better then my old flash and once I repair the broken one I will have two external flashes for each of my camera's. 

One of my favorite parts of the day was hanging out and photographing the pre-ceremony photos of the bridesmaids. I could tell they were a tight group of friends and had a ton of history together, but most importantly, I could see how much these women loved each other. One bridesmaid was having wardrobe problems and two others were helping repair it. One bridesmaid was steaming the veil while the another was helping the bride get her shoes on. The best part was watching them get the bride into the dress! Everyone's faces were so excited and the bride, full of nerves and excitement, was the sweetest person in the world. 


The rain sent us out of the outdoor garden area to Ameristar Casino where we finished up the wedding party formals and bride and groom shots. I would've loved to get more at the garden but I am extremely happy with the opportunity to shoot at Ameristar. I would've never thought to use this as a second location in case of rain. Ameristar features interesting lighting and big reflective windows which made these pictures stand. This location was also special to them and the wedding party because they go there together and have lots of stories from fun nights at the casino. 


The reception was at Trigg Catering and Banquet Center, which is my favorite venue for receptions because of their amazing color changing up lighting. This MAKES your reception photos. Lighting is so important for telling the mood of your day and I wish more weddings would seek venues like this for their receptions. Because of this, we have amazing first dance, toast, cake cutting, and grab'n grin shots. 


My favorite part of the reception (other than the lighting) was watching the whole wedding party and guests dance in honor of a recently deceased family member. This was very touching and emotional, but they danced in celebration and not in sorrow. One wedding guest even did break dancing on the floor! Everyone was involved, the young and old, even grandpa was wheeled in for his spotlight dance.  Receptions like this there is never a dull moment for a photographer. I don't believe that dance floor was vacant once throughout the night. 

This wedding was on May 25th and I have already completed the photos (thats probably a record for me done in 3 days). That's what happens when you love what you do and you have an amazing couple who planned every detail perfectly. 

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