You Love Who You Love

I would just like to take a moment to talk about race and equality. I have photographed many weddings with all colors of the rainbow and preferences and I can say that there is no difference between any of them when it comes to love. Each of my couples no matter what color of their skin or gender preference, loved each other like the moon loves the stars. I read a blog recently called  "What its like as a white woman to love a Black Man" and it hit home for me as a photographer who captures love stories. It made me extremely sad to hear the type of behavior these couples face from people in this day in age. It also reminds me of what some of my clients currently face as lesbian, gay, bi, and trans couples. When you don't have to face racism/inequality on a daily basis, you almost forget it exists. But then a story floats to the top that hits you and you wake up and realize that we have not come far at all in the last 60 years in terms of how we treat each other.

I booked a lesbian wedding this year, and I am very exited to proudly post the photos soon after I get to take them. The couple explained to me the hardships they faced trying to find a venue that would have them, a caterer, and even a photographer. I was astounded. How in the world would a business that capitalizes off of weddings turn away a couple because of their sexual preference.  I know not every state acknowledges gay or transsexual weddings but this hasn't stopped them from happening and there is still a need for a professional service. You cant deny a persons right to get medicine, shop in a store, or attend a show because of their color/preferences so how is it acceptable to turn away a couple who wants to hire you based on the color or gender of their partner. My couple said they were able to find a photographer last minute to do an engagement session with them, under the condition that they acted like sisters in the poses and not like lovers. This absolutely sickened me. She did the photo session. Photos turned out horrible. I wont name the photographer but it is a local one and we plan to reshoot them this coming weekend at Pride Fest St. Louis. 

I want my kids to grow up in a world that accepts each other not based on skin or sexual preferences. I want a world where we don't whisper about people because of the way they choose to live and the people they have chosen to love. Our children our born pure without a prejudice thought, so can't we as parents choose to raise a generation that acknowledges love for what it is? To me love has no color or preference. Black, White, Asian, Gay, Straight, or Trans; we are all one. If you open us up, we all have the same color on the inside.