Great photography is about depth of feeling


My favorite part of being a photographer is capturing the love people have for each other. I love seeing the brides face as she walks towards her groom, I love the romantic embrace during the first dance, and I love seeing the mothers and fathers cry tears of happiness on their child's special day. The most important part of my job is not only capturing beautiful and artistic portraits, but showing the emotional connection to the scene in the image. I want my clients to look back at their photos and say, "Do you remember this moment? I couldn't wait to be your husband." or "Can you believe how young and in love we were?" I want to capture your love story, whether it be in a wedding, family, or portrait setting. The most important skill in my craft is to be a storyteller. I would love to hear from you! Feel free to email me at or give me a call 314-616-8454